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Number One AMONG Silver Jewelry Buyers In Las Vegas

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Number One AMONG Silver Jewelry Buyers In Las Vegas

There is no better place than Vegas Gold Guys if you want a fair and straightforward solution to selling your silver jewelry in Las Vegas and Henderson.

We buy all types of silver jewelry. More importantly, our offers are the BEST in town.

So, what would you like to sell? 

A Cartier necklace, Tiffany & Co. ring, Lagos earrings, or conventional silver bracelets?

Whether luxury or conventional, sterling or plated, bring it all to us. We will buy from you.

Not sure of the material or quality of your silver jewelry?

We offer FREE testing.

How To Sell Your Silver Jewelry For A Competitive Price

Often, the quote you’d get for your silver jewelry depends on three factors:

  • The piece of jewelry,
  • The buyer, and
  • Yourself 

Let’s explain better.

The Value Of Your Silver Jewelry 

Unfortunately, all silver items are not the same value. And the reasons for that are uncountable. But here are a few notables ones:

  • The quality of the jewelry’s silver component — is it plated or sterling? FYI, the latter is more in demand (in other words, more expensive).
  • The quantity of the jewelry’s silver component — how many grams or troy ounces of silver is contained in the necklace or ring? This factor determines the spot value.
  • The market valuation — is your silver jewelry a luxury or conventional product? A designer item will always be the most valued item in the market.
  • The jewelry’s condition — is the product almost as new, in its original packaging, unwanted, or broken? The latter condition will undoubtedly fetch a lower price.

The Buyer’s Trustworthiness And Expertise

When choosing a buyer for your silver jewelry, there are two types of buyers to be wary of:

  • The quack: this self-acclaimed expert won’t recognize the quality of your jewelry. He might not even have the right tools for appraisal. And as a result, you’ll get a valuation below your item’s worth.
  • The trickster: this “over-smart” expert, despite his wealth of experience, tends to outsmart you through trickery. Such people would devalue your jewelry to get it from you and resell it at a higher price.

Worse case: the trickster will run off with your silver jewelry.

Unfortunately, there is no tag to know if a buyer is a quack or a trickster. However, a little research can help avoid such pitfalls.

Ask around about a buyer before selling your jewelry to them. More importantly, only work with certified and insured buyers.

Don’t Be In Haste

Despite having a valuable piece of silver jewelry and even a crop of GOOD buyers, you might still get stuck on a low offer. This happens when you’re impatient.

If you don’t wait out, think about the offers you get, and compare, you might make a wrong decision.

In summary, take your time and sleep on the offers. Compare them and pick the one that best suits your needs.

Equally, you might not have the time to vet your silver jewelry and the buyer. You might not even have the patience to compare offers.

Perhaps you need to sell your valuables in an emergency.

In that case, you need a transparent buyer who knows the ins and outs of silver jewelry.

Fortunately, we’re that buyer. And mind you, we’re not just experts in silver jewelry. We have a complete understanding of all things silver.

Most importantly: we have a SIMPLE onboarding/buying process. Check it out below.

How Does The Silver Jewelry Buying Process Work?


This phase ensures that we get the REAL value of your silver jewelry — the material, condition, and luxury. With that, you can get an offer that matches the worth of your item.

So, how does this phase work?

  • You bring/mail your silver jewelry over to our office
  • Our appraiser inspects the material and condition of the silver
  • We will communicate the results to you

Note: the core of the inspection is performed in your presence. You could even use the tool yourself – if you wish.

Overall: you’re required to sell to us after the inspection. It is FREE.

Also, you can pitch our inspection results against other buyers in Las Vegas and Henderson. You’ll see that we’re transparent from the get-go.


Once you agree to the inspection results, you’ll get a quote that matches your silver jewelry. Also, this is FREE.

Again, you’re welcome to compare our quotes with other buyers. You’ll still find that ours is the best in town.

After the agreement, you’ll fill out our agreement form.


This phase is the most straightforward because we understand it is critical to your happiness.

We only require you to fulfill a final task. What payment option do you prefer?

Cash or bank transfer?

Pick either of the two options and receive your money in minutes!

While at it, check what our clients say about our silver jewelry buying service.

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