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Your diamond’s color, cut, form, shape, and size don’t matter. We, Vegas Gold Guys, buy it all!

While the attention might be more towards jewelry, pure diamonds are still in demand. And with us, you will get the fairest corresponding offer.

So, what kind of diamond do you have to sell?

Colored or uncolored, flawed or flawless?

Bring it all to us!

Don’t know the cut or grade of your diamond?

It’s okay. We can help you with a FREE appraisal.

Also, if you are only in the market to buy diamonds, we can help you.

We have a robust collection of diamonds — the best in Las Vegas and Henderson.

Selling Diamonds Is Also Our Forte

Starting from VVS1 through SI1 to I3, we have it all well-stocked in our collection. Everything is ready and in perfect condition sitting pretty.

In short, the diamonds are waiting for you to claim them.

How affordable are our prices?

We know that diamonds are emotional materials. And often, the reason you’re buying one is to celebrate a loved one.

For that reason, we are reasonable with our pricing. It is within the standard market rates.

What if you’re a reseller?

If you choose to resell, our prices are still friendly. And because the diamonds are in GREAT condition, their retail value will fetch you significant profit.

So, which of the two buyers are you?

A reseller or consumer?

Factors That Determine The Valuation Of Diamonds

Whether buying or selling, there are a few things you must note when dealing with diamonds. We listed the crucial ones (the 5Cs) for you below.

Carat Weight

The heavier your diamond weighs, the higher the offer you’ll receive for it. That’s pretty much the basics for all precious elements.

However, diamonds are a different breed.

The value attached to heavier diamonds goes beyond “weight.” They (heavier diamonds) are large and rare.

So, if you want to buy such diamonds, the price will be steep — compared to the conventional weight and size.


A diamond’s clarity is expressed as how clearly you can see through it. And there are standard grades for this feature.

By GIA standards, the grades range from FL to I3.

FL is a flawless diamond. It is the clearest and, by extension, the rarest and most expensive. Having such a rarity will demand a significant offer.

In summary, the clearer your diamond is, the better the offer you’d receive. The same principle applies if you’re buying.


A diamond’s cut is more about the overall visual appeal of a diamond than its shape. Here, features like symmetry and faceting are critical.

Without those features distributed evenly, your diamond will capture and reflect light through its apex. Otherwise, that’s a “poor cut.”

Unfortunately, a “poor cut” is synonymous with “less value.” But even with a “poor cut” diamond, you can still get a fair offer. 


The color of a diamond is the expression of the impurities in it. And it has a grading system that ranges from D-Z.

D is 100% colorless. In other words, it is the purest — and the most valuable color.

Colored diamonds can also be valuable. However, such diamonds must be certified as “fancy” colored.


Ascertaining the carat weight, clarity, cut, and color of diamonds can be tricky. But luckily, certifications (like GIA, AGS, and EGL) can resolve the confusion.

With any of the certificates, you’ll see the qualities of your diamond. That way, no one will cheat you.

Can’t make sense of all the technicalities?

Work with diamond experts like us who do.

Let’s help you simplify the process and get you the best offer for your needs.

Our Diamond Buying & Selling Process


Here, our appraiser will inspect your diamond to see its features. The process could be fast-tracked if the certificates are available.

Either way, the inspection will be done in your presence.

If you’re the buyer, the process is the same. The only difference is that you can bring a third-party appraiser.


Once the inspections are ready, we will discuss the fine print. Afterward, we must reach a consensus on what the test product is worth.


Once the agreement is sealed, we will process payment immediately. Depending on your preference, you can get instant cash for your diamonds.

Also, you could request bank transfers.

As a buyer, your payment options are flexible. Let us know your preferred method, and we’ll handle the rest.

Still nursing doubts about our service?

Below is a compilation of insights from our customers. Read them to clear your doubts.

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