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We Buy All Types Of Jewelry

While we might have a soft spot for designer, diamond, estate, & silver jewelry collections, we buy all types of jewelry.

So, what type do you have to sell?

Pieces of jewelry purchased at Buccellati, Cartier, or David Yurman?

Are the valuables bracelets, earrings, or necklaces?

Bring it all to us at Vegas Gold Guys. We’re ready to buy your collection!

What if the jewelry is broken?

GOOD NEWS: we buy broken pieces of jewelry too.

It is that simple!

In short, we make selling gold in Las Vegas and Henderson easy.

If you prefer buying a piece of jewelry to selling one, we can help with that too.

We do both buying and selling!

We Sell Jewelry At Fair Prices

Whether you want designer, diamond, or silver jewelry, we have it all in our collection. Even better, we are ready to sell either of the lots to you at INCREDIBLY affordable rates.

How affordable are our prices?

We understand the issues around resale value and retail price markups. You might want to resell the jewelry and make some profit.

And say you are buying the jewelry for personal use. We understand that too.

In short, rest assured that our pricing system is flexible and considers all your conditions. And it’s fair. In fact, our offers are the best you’ll find across Las Vegas and Henderson.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Do this instead:

How To Get The Best Price When Selling Or Buying Jewelry?

Know Your Jewelry

Ultimately, what determines the price of your jewelry is the item itself. For example, a luxury,  branded necklace will cost more. If the jewelry is in its original packaging, the price will even be better. Also, the material of the jewelry matters too. Is the jewelry gold, silver, or diamond? Furthermore, how much of the said material is in the jewelry? All these details will allow you to determine the spot and average price of the jewelry you’d like to buy and sell. And with that knowledge, no buyer/seller can cheat you.

Vet The Buyer/Seller

Even when your jewelry is top-rated, a buyer could try to exploit you. The same thing applies when you’re the buyer. A seller might want to sell a random necklace to you at the same price as Georg Jensen’s. In summary, the trustworthiness of a jewelry dealer is crucial to getting the most buck/savings from your dealings. So, ensure to ascertain that. Check for your reviews on online directories. Also, ask around in your circles if anyone has had any dealings with the seller/buyer. More importantly, check their website.

Try Different Options

Don’t settle for the first offer you receive, whether buying or selling. Check with at least three dealers. That way, you’ll have an average idea of your jewelry’s worth. Then, you can make the best decision. Can’t wait for all the time-consuming processes of vetting and checking different jewelry buyers/sellers? We can help!

Our Jewelry Buying & Selling Process


We require you to fill out an interest form to buy or sell your jewelry with us.

In the form, we’d confirm the jewelry you want to buy and sell. Then, we can fix a date for the inspection.

Note: signing our interest form is FREE. You won’t make any payment. This phase’s sole goal is to show your commitment and fix an inspection date.

Inspection & Negotiation

Don’t fret because of the long tag. This phase is where we decide the pricing.

And we start by evaluating your jewelry. Our inspector will check its condition, material, and quality. Then, you’ll get a quote.

Note: the inspection will be done in your presence. It doesn’t take time.

On the other hand, if you’re the buyer, there’s room for flexibility. You could use your inspector instead of ours at Vegas Gold Guys.

If an agreement is reached, then we’ll discuss your payment.


Whether as the buyer or seller, we accept several payment methods. However, some of the options are faster than each other.

Here is a little heads up: if you want the fastest payment when selling your jewelry, get paid in cash.

Note: we are not saying other payment methods, like bank transfers, are slow. However, there could be downtime.

Either way, we won’t delay your payment from our end.

One last question: are you buying or selling your jewelry?

Visit Our Stores

If you’re not convinced, we welcome you to visit and confirm our processes at our branches.

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