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The Best Among Coin Buyers In Las Vegas At Your Service

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The Best Among Coin Buyers In Las Vegas At Your Service

Selling your coins doesn’t get better in Las Vegas and Henderson than at Vegas Gold Guys. Our offers are fair and priced at the market’s current metal value.

More importantly, our payment process is super-fast. Either bank transfer or cash, you’ll get paid within minutes.

The best part: we buy all types of coins — gold, silver, graded sets, or mint sets.

So, what sets are you selling? Buffalo nickels, mercury dimes, or Lincoln wheat pennies?

Whichever one you have, we can buy from you.

Should You Sell Your Coins Online?

Selling your coins online is much more comfortable than at walk-in shops. However, you might wait before finding an interested buyer.

Either way, there are a few tips to get the most money selling your coins. Below are the basic ones:

Know The Value Of Your Coins

To get the most bucks from your coins, know what you have. So, what are they?

Gold or silver coins? Graded or ungraded coins? Mint or proof sets?

Note: knowing your type of coin is only the first step. You are yet to understand the value. Below is how to do the latter.

  1. Check the retail value on coin price guides.
  2. The retail value is what you’ll pay a dealer to buy coins.
  3. Deduct the “retail value” by 20-40%. That’s the estimate of the value of your coins.

Furthermore, the material of your coin also determines its value (melt value). For example, if your coin contains half an ounce of silver, you’ll get that worth when the same coin is melted.

Overall: always consider the “coin price guide” and the “melt value” of your coin. With that, you will get a close estimate.

Don't Clean Your Coins

Either gold or silver, never polish or clean your coins. It’ll only reduce the offer.

Unfortunately, there is no specific numerical value of how much cleaning a coin can dent its worth. However, you can expect a reduction of up to 50%.

The 50% could be higher — depending on the buyer. That brings us to the last factor — perhaps the most crucial one.

Carefully Choose The Buyer

Eventually, the buyer you will choose will determine how much you’ll make from selling your coins. If you work with a trustworthy and transparent dealer, rest assured of a fair offer.

Otherwise, you can be exploited.

So, how can you choose a trustworthy buyer?

  1. Ask for proof of license and insurance. If the buyer belongs to a certified body, you can trace and report them.
  2. Ask recent sellers. How? Check online reviews and comments on the buyers’ social media posts or websites.
  3. Engage the buyer in a quick chat. Fortunately, inquiries are FREE. It will cost you nothing to ascertain the friendliness and professionalism of the buyer.

If going through the tips and processes is too much “work” for you, there is a solution:

Sell your coins to Vegas Gold Guys!

We are insured and licensed. 

And with us, you won’t worry about selling your coins online or offline.

We combine the two (physical and online) at Vegas Gold Guys to give you the best experience.

We buy coins online, and you won’t wait days or weeks for an offer. Also, you can visit our offices to see how the evaluation was done before getting paid.

Our Coin Buying Process Work

We Inspect

After over a decade of dealing in coins and other valuables, we understand the importance of transparency upfront. That is why we put inspection at the forefront of your buying-selling process.

Inspecting your coins will ensure we (you and us) get a fair transaction. For you, you’ll get an offer that matches the melt value and material of your coin.

For us, we’ll make a profit on resale and gain you as a new customer.

The most beautiful part: the inspection is not rigid. It is straightforward and will be done in your presence. You could even use the tool and do the testing too.

We Reach An Agreement

Our inspection phase isn’t “agreement.” It’s part of our FREE service to help you ascertain the REAL value of your coins.

If, after the inspection, you agree to sell your coins to us, you’ll sign a consent form. There, we’ll both attest that a said amount will be paid to you for a said quantity of coin. 

At this phase, you’ll get a quote. And mind you, that’s the best quote among coin buyers in Las Vegas and Henderson. You can take it and check with other buyers.

You Get Paid

Once the agreement forms are filled out, you’ll get paid — in minutes.

However, the mode of payment might cause some delays.

For cash payments, you’ll get paid instantly. Bank transfers, however, might be delayed — depending on the bank.

Either way, we’ll send the money as soon as an agreement is finalized.

Visit Our Stores

If you’re not convinced, we welcome you to visit and confirm our processes at our branches.

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