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Gold Buyers Las Vegas

Selling gold in Las Vegas & Henderson does not get better than at Vegas Gold Guys. We can buy as-is, in any quantity, and pay in cash within minutes.
That is where we top all gold buyers in Las Vegas and Henderson.

The BEST part: we offer unbeatable rates to customers and new sellers. And that is unmatched across Las Vegas and its environs.

So, how many gold bars or coins are you looking to sell?

Should You Sell Your Gold?


Sell your gold if you need urgent cash.

Whether your valuables are top, medium or low grade does not matter. You will always get a price.

Furthermore, selling your gold is convenient. You won’t wait weeks or months for buyers to check your listing. You can get paid in under 30 mins!

And lastly, against what you might have heard, shops don’t always offer meager rates. We are an example.
At Vegas Gold Guys, we offer fair and competitive rates to sellers. More importantly, our gold buying process is superfast. That’s why we are regarded as one of the best gold buyers in Las Vegas and Henderson.

Ready to sell your gold hassle-free and get paid FAST?

Are you still nursing doubts about whether you should trust us?

Our buying process is transparent. Check it out below!

How Does The Gold Buying Process Work?

We maintain a 3-step process to ensure that you win as well as we do.
And before any of the processes commence, we expect you to register an interest. This helps us to know you are not just inquiring about our gold buying service.

If you have not, register an interest:


To ensure you get fair value for the gold you’re selling, we ask our experts to inspect its fineness in your presence.

The higher the number of gold per part, the higher the quote you’d receive.

And since the inspection will happen in your presence, you can always contest the results. In fact, we welcome you to use our state-of-the-art testing equipment to shred any doubt.

If disagreement exists, our dedicated team will educate you and reassure you of our transparency and fairness.

Also, you can mail your gold or valuables to us for inspection. That could save time waiting for results.

And rest assured that any result you receive will be vetted in your presence.


Before discussing pricing, we must reach a consensus on the fineness of your gold revealed by our inspection. Otherwise, we won’t have an agreement.

If we reach an agreement, you will receive a cash offer on the spot. And you will be given time to ponder on it.

But we can confidently assure you that our cash offer is the best you’ll find in Las Vegas and Henderson. 

Nonetheless, you can check with other gold buyers in Las Vegas and surrounding cities. You’ll be surprised how fair our prices are.

We are different from other shops; we care beyond the money. We want you to be happy.

In short: our “agreement” works on a win-win principle!

Pay Out

Once an agreement is reached, you will choose your payment preference. We can pay in cash or to your bank details.

Either cash or transfer, you’ll get your money within minutes of initiation — given that there are no pending issues with your bank (for transfer).

Note: if you’re transferring the payment to a third-party account, you might need to fill out some details for security and traceability.

Overall, our gold buying is as long as you make it. But by design, you can breeze through the 3-step process within 15-30 mins — given that your gold quality checks out and you agree with the result.

Visit Our Stores

If you’re not convinced, we welcome you to visit and confirm our processes at our branches.

635 W. Lake Mead Blvd
Henderson, NV 89015

9620 Las Vegas Blvd S Suite E-1
Las Vegas, NV 89123