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We Buy All Silver Coins

Several factors — such as coin name, grade, and packaging — might affect the quality and price of silver coins. Regardless of any of these factors, our offers are fair and top-notch.

In plain words: you’ll get the most bucks — anywhere across Las Vegas and Henderson — selling your silver coins to us at Vegas Gold Guys.

And it gets better: we can buy your silver coins and pay you within 30 minutes.

The choice is yours: FAST and FAIR payment or not?


So, how many silver coins are you looking to sell? What type of coin are you selling?

Is it bullion, burnished, certified, or proof of silver coins?

Frankly, the type or the quantity doesn’t matter. We buy it all.

The chances are that you have no silver coins to sell. Perhaps you want to buy some — for personal or official reasons.

Well, we can help; we also sell silver coins.

We Sell Silver Coins At Affordable Prices

Indeed, the spot price of silver and coin type affects the price of silver coins. As a result, sellers can hike the price.

But even with that reality, you don’t have to pay through the nose to invest in silver coins.

You can still get silver coins at affordable and fair rates in Las Vegas and Henderson at Vegas Gold Guys. BTW, we buy and sell silver too. So, we have a perfect understanding of the market.

In short, rest assured that you’re in good hands. So, it doesn’t matter whether you need the silver coins for corporate or personal reasons. You’ll always get the best grade for your money.

So, what silver coin do you need?

Is it Bullion Silver American Eagle, a Proof Silver American Eagle, or a Burnished Silver American Eagle?

We can help; we sell them all!

Or do you need other types of silver coins?

How Do We Buy And Sell Silver Coins?


This step is pretty straightforward. And it’s the norm for any business. We “simply” require you to contact us to indicate your interest.

Do you want to buy or sell silver coins? How much? What grade? More importantly, what type?

Note: the contact stage is not limited to just showing interest. It is crucial to our transparency and documentation.

You’ll get a form and fill it out. There, you’ll find a few close-ended questions.

If you haven’t reached out yet about what you want, you can do so now.

Say you prefer to fill out our contact form; the option is equally available.


Once the contact form is filled and submitted, we will start the negotiation.

Note: our negotiation isn’t just about giving you an offer. We must first check the quality of your silver coins.

If we are buying, we inspect the silver coins in-house. However, the entire process will be carried out in your presence.

You can even be part of the testing if you want to be hands-on.

On the other hand, the inspection is slightly flexible if you are the buyer. In this case, you are not mandated to use our inspectors. You can bring a third party.

Whichever option you choose, the process must be transparent for all parties involved.

After the inspection is completed, we can then decide on an offer. And whatever the results reveal, you can rest assured that our quote will be fair. It will directly reflect your coin type, grade, and packaging.

A quick tip: burnished coins are more expensive — to sell or buy — because they are scarce.


Our payment is the ultimate step in our process. And depending on you and your bank, it can all be done within minutes.

Here is what we mean:

If we’re the seller, you have two options for getting payment. You can collect the cash or request a transfer.

Cash payments are fast. Transfers, though equally fast, will go through third parties. Unfortunately, the back and forth can cause delays.

Either way, rest assured that the fund disbursements won’t be delayed. We make payment immediately after negotiation and agreement.

If you are the seller, the payment options are 100% flexible. We can pay in cash, with transfers, or by any method you prefer.

Still on the fence about selling or buying your silver coins to/from us?

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