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We Buy All Types Of Rolex Watches

Like you, we’re fans of Rolex watches through and through. So, we understand it’s not easy to sell that beauty of a watch.

You’re probably thinking about parting with your cherished watch. We understand how you feel.

The least we can do to ease the pain is give you a fair offer. And that’s what we’ll do.

BTW, what type of Rolex watches are you selling?

The vintage (pre-70s) kinds or the modern (post-70s) ones?

Is it a Cellini, Chronograph, Datejust, or GMT

Frankly, your Rolex watches model or shape does not matter. We buy it all.

And as mentioned, we only offer the best prices.

Ready to sell your Rolex watches and get paid QUICKLY?

Wait! Are you looking to stock up on your Rolex watch collection instead?

Well, we can help with that too. We are one of the top sellers of Rolex watches in Las Vegas and Henderson.

We Sell Rolex At COMPETITIVE Prices

Compared to other watches, Rolex products are valuable — and that value doesn’t depreciate significantly over time. Even at that, buyers can still quote a ridiculously high price (up to 50%) to extort you.

We say: don’t buy if that’s the case!

As a rule: never buy a Rolex watch if its valuation is outrageously higher than market standards.

GOOD NEWS: we offer a way out. We will trade or sell our Rolex watches to you — and at fair prices at that.

And fortunately, we have a robust collection.

So, what model of Rolex do you need?

Is it Daytona, Explorer, GMT-Master, Milgauss, or President?

We can help.

Looking for a different model that’s not on the list?

How To Get The Best Price When Selling Or Buying Jewelry?

As a fan of Rolex watches, we love you to get the best prices when you sell one of your collections. At the same, we don’t want you to be exploited – when you want to buy an Oyster Perpetual, for example.

That is why we compiled some tips for you below.

When you’re selling:

  • If possible, retain the original packaging of your Rolex watch. It’s not the box per se that is critical but the manuals and the extras inside it.

All those seemingly minute additions show your watch is original. That will boost the offer you’ll get.

  • The condition of the watch will determine its worth. So, ensure yours is in a good state if you plan to sell.

Also, a New Old Stock (NOS) is more expensive. So, don’t sell like you would other second-hand Rolex watches.

  • Don’t sell to the first buyer; compare the prices.

When you’re buying:

  • Always buy from a credible source. Otherwise, the Rolex could bring you complications. More importantly, you’ll get a fair price.
  • Consider the condition of the watch. If you’re not reselling it, don’t invest in broken items. You’ll only spend more maintaining such products. So, buy the ones in a good state unless you’re in for the resale value.

Want to avoid complications and sell/buy your Rolex watches with ease?

Visit us at Vegas Gold Guys!

Check our straightforward process below.

Our Buying & Selling Process


To start the sale/purchase, you have a simple form to fill out. It only shows that you’re interested in our services.

More importantly, the form reveals if you’re interested in buying or selling. From there, we can schedule a meeting for appraisal.


This phase is into two stages:

  • We appraise the Rolex watches
  • We negotiate 

Whether you are the buyer or seller, the appraisal will be done in our office and before all the parties. This will eliminate any doubt.

However, there are a few differences. As a buyer, you can bring a third-party expert to vet the appraisal process.

As a seller, on the other hand, we hold the rights to who the appraiser will be.

Either way, rest assured that the processes will be smooth. And once we reach a consensus about the result, we’ll negotiate the terms.

Note: all the steps till the negotiation phase are FREE of charge and obligation.


As soon as an agreement is reached, we progress immediately into payment — unless you’d like to delay it.

In any case, you’ll be paid in full what your watch is worth as the seller. If you’re the buyer, you have to pay in full too.

About payment options, we can accept and receive money across various channels. But the most convenient choice will always be the priority.

However, note that cash payments are the fastest. As a seller, you’ll get your money instantly with this method.

Other methods might be delayed depending on your bank or the third-party platform used.

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