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We Buy All Gold Coins

Are you tired of selling gold coins at meager rates in Las Vegas and Henderson?

And despite the low offers, the process is unnecessarily lengthy!

We, Vegas Gold Guys, can help.

We buy all kinds of gold coins — hallmarked, logos, motifs, and the ones with manufacturers’ initials. And for all of the instances, we pay top dollar to sellers.

More importantly, our gold coin buying process is simple and fast.

Ready to get paid FAST  for your gold coins?

Or wait, are you only interested in buying gold coins?

If that’s the case, we also sell gold coins.

We Sell Gold Coins At Fair Prices

You don’t have to pay over the market rates to buy your gold coins in Las Vegas and Henderson. At Vegas Gold Guys, we sell at FAIR & FRIENDLY rates.

We understand that you might need the coins as gifts (corporate and family) or for savings. Because of that, we make it convenient to get our deals without breaking the bank.

So, what do you need? Hallmarked gold coin or otherwise? With logos or motifs?

Whichever one you prefer, we have your choice in our gold coin collection.

How Do We Buy And Sell Gold Coins?

Whether buying or selling, our process is the same:

It is a 3-step process that revolves around transparency and agreement.

You Reach Out

Reaching out will register your interest in either buying (from) or selling your gold coins to us. More importantly, it will clarify which of the services you want.

To simplify this stage, we compiled all the questions in a downloadable form — short, brief, and close-ended.

And don’t fret about the time to fill out the form; you’ll mostly tick than write.

Note: downloading our form doesn’t mean you must fill it out immediately. You can take your time to understand the questions.

But don’t take too long. Prices of gold coins might inflate when you stall.

We Negotiate

Once we receive the interest form, we’ll arrange a day to inspect your gold coins. This step applies if we are the ones buying.

Why inspection?

We need to discover the quality of the coin and its type. That is the only way we can give you a fair offer.

BTW, our offers are the most customer-friendly across Las Vegas and Henderson. We care for you and want you to smile after each transaction.

If you agree to the results of the inspection and our offer. We can proceed to payment.

The process is not different if you’re the buyer. If we are selling to you, there will be an inspection. We can do it for you on our end. You could do it yourself or bring an aid. Either way, the testing will be done in your presence.

Afterward, we’ll proceed to negotiation. And again, we buy gold coins at fair prices — nothing short of the current market value.


If we are the ones buying the gold coins, we pay out as soon as the negotiation is completed. The mode of payment depends on your preference since we accept it all — cash, bank transfers, or payment to third-party platforms.

However, cash payment is the fastest. With this method, the process will be completed within minutes.

If you are buying, the payment process is slightly different. How?

Payments go out after negotiation like earlier. However, we have preferred methods of receiving money.

Don’t be put off; there are several options. You’ll find the most suitable one.

Note: if your “preferred payment method” is unavailable, we can make “special arrangements.” However, this is limited to bulk purchases.

So, which of the two do you want — buy or sell?

Visit Our Stores

If you’re not convinced, we welcome you to visit and confirm our processes at our branches.

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