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Selling Silver In Las Vegas Made Easy

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Selling Silver In Las Vegas Made Easy

You will get it all with us at Vegas Gold Guys. With branches in Las Vegas and Henderson, we make selling silver a breeze for you.

So, do you have some silver valuables to sell? How many troy ounces? Are they polished, or sterling?

It doesn’t matter, really. We buy it all. And here’s the BEST part: you will get paid for your valuables within minutes.

Ready to sell your silver EASILY and get paid FAST?

How Can You Get The Most Bucks From Selling Your Silver In Las Vegas And Henderson?

Frankly, the MOST CONVENIENT solution is to sell to us right now. If you do that, rest assured to get a fair offer that will be unmatched anywhere across Las Vegas and Henderson.

Equally, you should know a few things about selling silver. They will help you avoid being exploited by silver buyers.

Sterling Is More Valuable.

Sterling silver is purer. But that’s not all; the former is more in demand than the latter. As a result, it is more valuable.

In other words, you’ll get the most money selling sterling silver in Las Vegas and Henderson — or anywhere.

Regardless, there is a way you can get the most bucks if your valuables are not all “sterling.” Check it out below:

  • Don’t sell sterling separately from collectibles, and scraps. Sell them together; the price will always be better.
  • Don’t polish your silver. You’d reduce the estimation.

Sell Only To Trustworthy Silver Buyers

Whether you’re selling your silver in Las Vegas or Henderson — or anywhere, work with people you can trust. That will reduce all doubts and ensure you stay happy at the end of the negotiations.

So, how will you know if a buyer is trustworthy?

  • Start with a bit of digging. Search online directories for reviews about the buyer. If you can’t find anything, use Facebook or your friends. The chances are that someone has worked with the buyer. Leverage their experience.
  • Next, ascertain that the buyer is licensed and insured. With that, you can confirm that the buyer has a registered business and belongs to a professional body. You can report them in any case of misunderstanding.
  • Lastly, engage the buyer. Ask questions and get a breakdown of what to expect.

Don't Cave In Easily

While in haste to sell your silver, chances are that you “cave” to an unfair offer. Don’t!

In fact, don’t sell to the first buyer. Check at least three buyers. Compare their offers and customer service.

If the offer is too good to be true, it is likely so. So, ensure you know firsthand the market value of your silver. That way, you can avoid scams.

Also, ensure that all the inspections and testing are done in your presence. If you don’t trust a buyer, don’t mail your silver. Take it with you and inspect the content with them.

Fortunately, we meet the standards at Vegas Gold Guys. Our buying process is transparent and straightforward. In just 3 steps, you’ll get paid what your silver is worth.

Our Process


We kick start our buying process with a transparent inspection. Here, we will test your silver to determine its quality and worth.

The inspection will be live in your presence to eliminate doubt about its results. You could even do the testing yourself to validate the results. Our team will put you through.

Note: you could send your silver ahead for inspection. However, the whole process will be replayed in your presence.

At this stage, you’re not obligated to buy from us. If you decide to proceed, you’ll progress to the agreement phase.


Don’t be put off by the tag. This stage is just as straightforward as in our inspection.

The only difference is that we’ll discuss the fine print here and require you to follow our plans and timelines.

More importantly, you’ll sign a few documents indicating you sold a said quantity of silver to us. This is just due process.


After the agreement, we’ll give you a quote. This quote is free, and you can always contest it. We will explain how we arrived at that evaluation.

Also, you can compare our quote against other buyers in Las Vegas and Henderson. And we can assure you that ours is the best.

Lastly, we’ll arrange your payment.

Note: bank transfers might run for hours, depending on your bank. Cash, on the other hand, is instant.

Visit Our Stores

If you’re not convinced, we welcome you to visit and confirm our processes at our branches.

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