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Gold Jewelry Buyers Las Vegas

Tired of being exploited by gold jewelry buyers in Las Vegas and Henderson?

GOOD NEWS: a different experience awaits you at Vegas Gold Guys!

With us, you won’t get an offer that’s 50% less than the original price of your gold jewelry. Whether luxury or conventional, you will get a fair price for pre-owned or second-hand jewelry.

The BEST part: we also buy pieces of gold jewelry as-is. It doesn’t matter if the item is broken or with some parts missing. There’s a fair offer for you.

So, are you ready to get the best price for your gold jewelry?

What Should You Consider When Selling Your Gold Jewelry?


Frankly, all pieces of gold jewelry are not the same. There are luxuries like Cartiers and the like. Then, we have the conventional.

Unfortunately, the former commands more worth, are scarce and are more expensive.

In other words, if you sell a luxury gold necklace, you get a juicy offer — compared to an unbranded one. They are luxuries for a reason.

Regardless, you can still get a fair deal if your conventional gold jewelry is in good condition. Are the parts still intact? How about the original packaging?


Whether luxury or conventional, gold or silver, a piece of jewelry in “good condition” will fetch more money than a broken one.

Mind you, the “good” condition also differs.

Is the jewelry as neat and shiny as new? Is the original packaging available? How about the receipt?

More importantly, how long have you been wearing the jewelry?

The answer to these questions will determine how much you will get. Also, the fineness of the gold in the jewelry counts.

Pro tip: if your jewelry is broken, don’t try it out. You can still salvage something from the “wreck.”

The Buyer

Imagine selling a piece of jewelry in good condition to a supposed expert only for them to damage your item during an inspection.

That’s BAD. Right?

Worse case: selling your gold jewelry to a cheat; he would tell you the item is worth nothing when it is a gem.

Bottomline: only work with gold jewelry experts. Ask for a license and insurance to confirm the buyer’s professionalism.

Also, check with directories, social media, and acquaintances about the buyer. You’ll get an estimation of what to expect.

Pro tip: don’t sell to the first “nice” buyer. Compare the offer of at least three buyers.

Fortunately, we can save you the time and trouble searching for the RIGHT gold jewelry buyer. We are the best in Las Vegas and Henderson, and there’s proof.

How Do We Buy Gold Jewelry?


This phase ensures that we get a fair assessment of your gold jewelry. This is where we check the condition and brand of your item.

What happens if the brand or condition is shy of our expectations?

Frankly, we don’t have any expectations. Remember, we buy as-is and trust your word about your item.

But with this inspection, we’ll know what you have and the price it deserves.

And mind you: the inspection phase is FREE. You don’t pay a dime or be required to commit to us.

More importantly, the assessment will happen right in your presence. That will eliminate any doubt about the result.

Here is a little heads-up: you’ll get an offer for your valuables regardless of the inspection’s result. And rest assured that that’s the FAIREST you’ll find across Las Vegas and Henderson.


If, after our inspection, you desire extra assessment, you’re welcome. You could even take our findings and vet them elsewhere.

You’ll find that we’re transparent.

Then, you’ll proceed to our “agreement” phase.

In this phase, we will discuss the quantity of what you have, the offer, and how soon your payment will be.

The goal is for all parties involved to reach a consensus. Then, we’ll sign on that and proceed to payment.

Pay Out

Our payment is structured for your comfort. So, which option do you prefer?

Cash? Bank transfer? Third-party accounts/platforms?

We can make payments via it all. For “bulk sales,” we accept options that aren’t our conversions.

We are that flexible!

Overall, whichever you choose, expect to get paid within minutes. However, payments might be delayed by a few hours.

For the “get paid in minutes” option, receive your payment in cash. It is super-fast.

Our transparent process is not the only proof of our excellence. Our clients also testify to our professionalism and customer service.

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