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Selling Gold In Las Vegas Made Easy

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Selling Gold In Las Vegas Made Easy

You’ll get it all when you sell your gold to the Vegas Gold Guys. Be it in Las Vegas or Henderson, our offers are the best.
More importantly, we have a straightforward onboarding process.
We inspect your gold, you receive a cash offer, and get paid.

It is that simple!

In short, we make selling gold in Las Vegas and Henderson easy.

Is Selling Gold Safe?


Selling your gold is safe.

Our shops are certified and insured. In other words, you will be selling your gold to a professional.

Safety aside, selling your gold to our shops is convenient. You won’t wait days, weeks, or months to get an offer.
With our shops, you will get a cash offer instantly and can finalize the payment within minutes.

With Vegas Gold Guys, you won’t get just any cash offer. Our team inspects the fineness of your gold and gives you a fair and unbeatable deal.
Since we started buying gold in Las Vegas and Henderson in 2007, our offers are unmatched anywhere.

So, yes, selling your gold is safe. Selling it to us at Vegas Gold Guys is not only safe. You will get the most buck for your valuables.

Are you ready to inspect your gold and get a FAIR offer?

Take a sneak peek at our gold-buying process below.

How We Work

We reduce the typical stress of selling gold in Las Vegas and Henderson using a simplified 3-step process.

  • We inspect
  • We discuss payment plans
  • You get paid

Note: before any of the processes begins, we expect you to show interest and readiness in selling your gold to us. This saves both of our time and helps you get paid ASAP.

You can register your interest now if you haven’t!

We Inspect

To kickstart a fair and smooth exchange, we ask our esteemed experts to check the quality of your gold. The finer the quality, the better our offer to you.
Whether your gold quality is fine, medium, or good, you can rest assured our offer will be fair and generous.

Say you don’t consent to the inspection results. We can start the process again. We will do it all right in your presence.
If you like, we could describe how to use the testing tool. That way, you can check the quality of your gold firsthand to eliminate any shred of doubt.

Also, if you mail your gold ahead to be inspected. The entire process will be replayed when you come around just so you can affirm the quality of your valuables.
BTW, mailing your gold makes payment faster.

We Discuss Payment Plans

Once the inspection is finalized, we must reach an agreement. Otherwise, we might have to start the process again until you’re satisfied.
Yes, we care about your satisfaction. That is why our processes are fair and transparent.

After the agreement to our terms and the inspection results, we’ll brief you on our payment plans.

FYI, we offer the best price for gold across Las Vegas and Henderson. Check with other shops and compare our quotes; ours at Vegas Gold Guys is unmatched.

Lastly, we understand if you don’t want to make a hasty decision. You might need to discuss the payment and offer with your spouse or family. In any case, you are permitted a few days to think about the offer.

You Get Paid

Say there are no delays in agreement and payment discussion. You’ll get paid instantly.
We only need your payment preference — cash, bank, or other financial services.

For cash, you’ll get paid within minutes of our agreement. Otherwise, payments can be delayed, depending on the bank or services used.

Either way, payment from our end will be completed within minutes. For specifics, you can get paid in less than 30 mins (inspection inclusive).

Would you like that?

Visit Our Stores

If you’re not convinced, we welcome you to visit and confirm our processes at our branches.

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